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How Can You Save Valuable Time with a

Virtual Assistant

All day you’ve been running your company, going to networking events and meeting with potential clients. You’ve finally come back to your desk only to find that you need to answer emails, write articles, or manage your social media. You feel overwhelmed but also know that you don’t have the funds to hire a full time employee to handle these tasks. Have you ever considered outsourcing to a virtual assistant?

Here is a list of tasks that could be outsourced to a virtual assistant while saving you valuable time and money.

  1. Answering Customer Emails – Handling Tickets
  2. Managing Spam & Filtering Emails
  3. Chat Support
  4. Event Invitations
  5. Sending Networking cards, letters, thank you cards, etc…
  6. Manage Calendar/ Schedule Appointments
  7. Cloud Organization
  8. Creating or Managing Spreadsheets
  9. Data Entry
  10. Powerpoint / Slideshare creation and management
  11. Creating and Managing Email Marketing Software
  12. Adding and Removing Subscribers
  13. Creating Email Newsletters
  14. Creating Broadcast Emails to Promote Company
  15. Creating and Managing Auto-responders and Follow-up Emails
  16. PDF Conversions
  17. Transcription
  18. Report Creation
  19. Book or eBook proofreading, layout, and formatting
  20. Forms Creation
  21. Lead Generation
  22. Blog Publishing
  23. Managing Blog comments
  24. Online Meeting Minutes
  25. Receptionist Duties and Voicemail Management
  26. Sending Invoices to Clients
  27. Personal Online Errands
  28. BASIC Bookkeeping (check out Freshbooks)
  29. Project Management
  30. Prepare Training Materials
  31. Social Media Management
  32. Promoting Twitter and Facebook Pages
  33. Manage LinkedIn Account
  34. Create and Pin to Pinterest
  35. Manage YouTube Account
  36. Manage and Market Podcasts
  37. Managing Webinar Traffic
  38. Create and sent Press Releases
  39. Buy and Send Gifts to your Customers
  40. Create and Market Articles

So, are you ready to free up your time? Click here to get started!

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