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Let’s picture this:

Your business is going great. You have customers coming in, daily messages from your leads, and a minimum of 5 networking events to attend every week. You’re very proud of your budding baby (company)! At the end of the first quarter you sit down to see how your business is doing. You realize that you have business cards screwn around your desk, you haven’t followed up with anyone from an event, you have unanswered emails from 1.5 months ago, and your voice mail is now giving the error “The voice mail you are trying to reach is currently full. Please call back again later.” You look around – it’s 9pm and you have an event tomorrow. How on earth are you going to get any administrative work done for your company. The stress and panic starts building. You look to your left and see a business card from a networking event a few months ago –kaycee enterprises business card
and it hits you – I SHOULD HIRE A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT!!! (or Remote Office Manager, depending on your business needs)

Yes, that’s what we are here for; to take the stress out of your business. Virtual Assistants are usually independent contractors who work remotely to support clients by providing administrative and management services.





You Need a Virtual Assistant If…


  • You feel overwhelmed with all the tasks and projects you need to complete. The workload is just getting too much for you to handle.
  • You spend too much time performing less relevant tasks (such as deleting spam emails) instead of focusing on what’s truly important for your company.
  • You keep forgetting deadlines or have messed up documentation because you just don’t know how to handle it properly.
  • You have no free time for friends, family or yourself. You are busy on weekends and late at night because you just can’t get all of the work done.
  • You are feeling too stressed and overwhelmed.

These are all clear signs that you need to hire an assistant. You may believe you don’t have enough resources to do so, like you don’t have a physical office or you need just a little bit of help, so you don’t need to hire someone full time. In these cases – and many others – opting for a Virtual Assistant or Remote Office Manager is the best way to go!


What a VA Can Do


Virtual Assistants can perform many different tasks. In fact, a VA can do anything that does not require their physical presence in your company. Chances are that a lot of business communication, administration and even some of the business tasks in you company are done online anyway. This means they do not require an assistant’s physical presence.

A VA can handle tasks such as:

  • Proofreading, Editing, Copy Editing 
  • Email communication.They can screen your email, discard spam and unnecessary messages, forward the most important emails to you or even respond to messages on your behalf.
  • Schedule, confirm and handle your appointments.These can be strictly business related, but you may also ask them to handle personal appointments, such as a hairdresser or a dinner reservation. They can also book all of your travel.
  • Make calls on your behalf.One of the best things about VA’s is that they can handle calls for you so you won’t have to waste your time on it.
  • Perform research. Depending on your company and your needs, you may require various types of research tasks to be done. You won’t always have time to do it on your own, so it’s a good thing to hand it to a VA.
  • Manage your paperwork. Creating invoices, basic bookkeeping, posting payments and handling other paperwork can be very daunting. You can transfer all of this work to your VA.
  • And most of the admin tasks your company needs to outsource!

We are a U.S. based company who can work during normal business hours and on short notice to get and keep your company running smoothly.

At AICG/ KayCee Ent., we offer over 7 years of virtual service, working in fast paced office environments for Doctors, Lawyers, and other small business owners. With us, you will get expert writers, highly experienced project coordinators, and motivated content marketers. We boast 10 years in customer service support, over-the-phone support, graphic design, as well as website maintenance. With all these skills on hand, why would you go anywhere else!?

Find out what a VA can do for you by clicking here.

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You’ll earn $25 AICG account credits every time a friend signs up for a reoccurring package. We’ll also apply a $25 one-time gift to your friends’ account as a special welcome from you!

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