Let’s be honest – how often do you take the time to do a backup? Most people will say, “It’s been months,” or, “never.” Most home users rely on nothing more than a flash drive to hold their backups, and they only get around to copying their data so often. What’s to stop them from losing that little drive, or running it through the laundry? If YOUR computer crashes, are you really okay with restoring the last backup you remembered to do? You shouldn’t be!

Don’t trust your irreplaceable personal data to chance. If a simple, fully automatic system could backup all of your data each day, wouldn’t you rather go with that? Well, that system exists and we are offering it now! We have partnered with Nordic Backup, used by businesses and home users around the world, to offer simple, dependable, automatic backup for your documents, photos, email, and any other data you need to keep safe. Stop fiddling with DVDs or drives and get on with your life knowing that all of your backup data is safe, up to date, and accessible whenever and wherever you need it!

Nordic Backup’s pricing starts off at just $3 per month, there are no contracts, and you can cancel any time, so there is no reason to not relieve yourself from the burden of doing your own backups and give Nordic Backup a try today!

$54 per year
Unlimited Online Storage
Automatic One-Step
Automatic Continuous Backups
60 Days Previous File Versions
Securely Restore Files from anywhere
$99 per year
Unlimited Online Storage
Automatic One-Step or Custom Setup
Automatic Continuous Backups
90 Days Previous File Versions
All Local and External Drives
Securely Restore Files from anywhere
$149 per year
Unlimited Online Storage
Automatic One-Step or Custom Setup
Automatic Continuous Backups
90 Days Previous File Versions
All Local and External Drives
Redundant Local Backup
Securely Restore Files from anywhere


Read about how it works on the Nordic Backup website:

Ready to sign up? Then click here for sign up.

Or, for more information on getting started with Nordic Backup, please give me a call and I would be happy to set you up!

Above Traditional Backups!

Why is backup so important for a company?


Since data is the heart of an enterprise, it’s urgent for you to secure it. What’s more, to secure your firm’s data, you have to actualize a data reinforcement and recuperation plan. Backing up records can ensure against incidental misfortune of losing client data, database defilement,, and even natural disasters. It’s your job as an administrator to ensure that backups are performed and that backup drives, if done offline, are put away in a protected area.

Computers fill our life and our work.  They faithfully accumulate our wedding pictures, our company’s books, and the ceaseless emails we get and send.  But, unless you back it up, all that data can be gone in a flash.

The following points will help you understand the core importance of performing regular data backups:

  • Backups protect you from hardware failure:

Computers these days are more reliable than ever, so it’s not difficult to overlook or put off backing up your data.

Yet, computers still come up short, and normally they give no advance warning.  One moment they’re working fine, and the next they’re toast.

Also, when computers fail, it’s usually impossible, or extremely expensive to get any data off them.

  • Backups protect you from viruses:

Some computer viruses will degenerate your information and some will stall your machine so much that you can’t login.

On the off chance that you ever lose a computer to a virus, most experts will encourage you to wipe the drive clean and reinstall everything.

Backups could be a lifeline in these cases.

  • Backups protect you from theft:

Thieves are more likely to steal high-tech items such as your laptop or home computer.  These items are in high demand and can be sold quickly and easily.

If you have backups, it’s simple to restore your files to a new computer.  Without backups, your honeymoon pictures or business files may be gone forever.

  • Backup protects you from natural disasters and accidental deletion:

Every computer has a Delete key, and sometimes it works just too well. Backups can let you save and organize the really important things so you don’t have to worry about what the others might do with your data. We buy insurance for our homes and businesses, because disasters happen.  Think of your backups as data insurance.

We don’t like to think about what might happen, but good backups can make any disaster a little more survivable.  All you’ll have to do is setup a new computer and restore your backups.

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