We are usually asked about:

Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

Our most common jobs include:
Website management
Web development
Virtual Administration
Office Management
Remote Project Management
Logo design
Business card design
Flyer design
Printing services (refreshing flyers and business cards)
SMO (social media optimization) with our awesome SMO team

We offer many administrative and management related services to our customers.
"Invest in your business and your business will invest in you!"

Describe three recent jobs you've completed.

We recently helped brand three companies. In order to brand the companies we:
designed their logo
designed their business card
designed a client recommendation card (for a Dr’s office)
designed a custom online fillable insurance verification form for a Dr’s office, reducing their need for using paper and getting them that much closer to being a 100% green company
built their website
performed SEO in order to bring them to the top of search engines
performed SMO with our talented SMO team to keep the company engaged with their target market
maintained their website to ensure optimum usability
designed print banners for networking events
offered printing services to keep technical necessities within one company.
In addition to this we completed a Windows 7 upgrade for Hertz and offered our project management skills to a small construction company, saving their project.

We’ve recently done this for three companies. Is yours next?

How did you decide to get in your line of work?

Ky, the owner, has been a Project Manager for over 9 years with a track record of building and managing small businesses. Ky also has a long track record in Information Technology.
The owner has a Bachelor's in Technical Management and went ahead and invested in 2 Master's Degrees; Information Systems w/ Project Management, and Public Administration. She has 11+ years of technical experience in the corporate world under her belt as well as the aforementioned 9 years of Project Management skills. It's always been her dream to own her own business and in 2004 that dream started to become a reality.

The company started out as only computer repair and was then called KSS Computers. Over the years, Ky's customers forced her to expand and offer more services. The business began offering graphic design, website design, SEO, SMO, printing, marketing, along with computer repair. The company was then called Aftermarket Inception Computers & Graphics.
In 2015, Ky decided to rebrand the company and only focus on the major services that customers wanted from her. The rebrand means the company currently only focuses on Virtual Administration, Graphic Design, & Website Design (along with website management). With the updated services, the company is now called KayCee Enterprises, LLC which also houses three other companies; No Conduct Radio, Body Naturals by Yasmine Veronique, & Veroniques Closet.

Ky thoroughly enjoys what she does and in return her customers enjoy her business.

How can I get to my target market online?

You can get to your target market online through SEO and SMO.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. This entails getting your business to the top pages of search engines such as Google or Yahoo.
SMO is Social Media Optimization which entails getting to your clients through the engines they use on a daily basis; Facebook, Twitter, etc.
AICG offers BASIC SEO included in our website design and website management packages. We offer SMO services from simply blogging to complete social media marketing. Both services are also offered in our virtual assistance packages if it's something you're in need of.
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How can I build my online presence?

The best way to build your online presence is to follow these 7 steps:

1. Get a domain name for your business
2. Get an email address with your domain name as a handle
3. Get a professional website
4. Optimize your website for search engines
5. Get Twitter
6. Add your business to local online business directories
7. Adding your business to Google Places

Need help doing any of this? AICG has got your back! Simply contact us for a free quote:

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XP is being phased out, what can I do?

You can read this blog for some options: http://ow.ly/wkxUe

Also remember, AICG is here to service you so contact us if you are ready to upgrade! 832-377-5437

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You're coming out to my house; are you background checked?

Unfortunately, we no longer offer computer repair. However, Ky is background checked. In fact, she carries a government clearance due to her Project Management work.

We want to become a green business. Can you help?

Yes we can help with this.

AICG believes in supporting green businesses. We recycle, join groups to bring awareness of the problems with mining and fracking, and we are trying to make the Earth a better place to live in our own little way.

If you are a business who is interested in using less paper, we are your guys! Not only can we help you get your fillable forms online, but we can CUSTOMIZE them to your business! Your logos, your watermark, and anything you want your paperwork to say.

For those who are unsure about becoming green, how does a tax break sound? Click here to find out more.

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Do you sell computers, tablets, or other IT parts?

We do sell computers, laptops, monitors, printers, and more.

AICG has partnered with Amazon to bring our customers everything they would need for their business, home, and everyday use.

Simply visit our Amazon store and start shopping! http://astore.amazon.com/kaenll0f-20

How do you ensure that our data is securely backed up?

Online Backup is now a safe, easy and inexpensive solution to your backup needs.

Today, more and more data is stored on computers and, for all companies, a reliable backup of their data is critical for their survival in case of a disaster.

As a reseller of Nordic Backup Secure Online Backup, AICG can now offer your company an affordable backup solution.

Nordic Backup has delivered secure online backup to thousands of small and large companies worldwide for more than five years. It provides you with the best possible protection for all your critical files and they support all major operating systems, have high security mirrored data centers and even provide free technical support 24/7.

Nordic Backup requires no startup costs, no pre-payment and no contract. You get the market’s best price for the storage space you need, and you can freely increase and decrease your storage space as needed.

With Nordic Backup being so affordable, it can also easily be combined with your existing backup solution. A good example of that is utilizing a tape drive for onsite backup and using Nordic Backup for offsite backup.

I will be contacting you in a couple of days to tell you a little more about Nordic Backup and to possibly set up an appointment to give you a demonstration of Nordic Backup.

You can also read more about Nordic Backup at: www.aicomputers.net/services/nordic-backup

Do you work with any charities?

AICG donates and supports:

  • The Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • Our Local Religious Center
  • Volunteer at our local YMCA
  • We offer some pro bono and discounted services to nonprofit companies

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  • “Very professional and very nice attitude, she got the job fast and was very patient in dealing with me because I am very picky, I highly recommend her services.”

    Websites Makeover – Voicemail Services
  • “Perfect thank you! Hope to do more business with you soon.”
    Graphic Design Client
  • “awesome job! tyvm”

    Graphic Design Client
  • “Thank you for the revisions and getting this done for me :)”

    Graphic Design Client
  • “aicomputers has been simply amazing to work with….quick, accurate, and no problem when we asked for a change. Will definitely work with this artist in the future!”

    Graphic Design Client
  • “The artist has been wonderful to work with, and is very responsive to my requests. Highly recommended..mj”

    Graphic Design Client

Some Clients:

Small Businesses 90%
Small Doctor's Offices 80%
Home Users 65%
Hair Dressers & MUA 58%

Key services:

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